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Brawl Erupts After Catholic League Game; Harp Daddy Unharmed

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Some Catholics have evidently given up civility for Lent, as a huge brawl broke out after the Philadelphia Catholic League high school championship basketball game.

A player for Neumann-Goretti hit a three-ball near the buzzer to get the victory over Roman Catholic, and then all hell broke loose. Some fans were taunting, some were throwing bottles... and the next thing anyone knows, a cop is taken out in an ambulance, six people are arrested, and all city police offers are called to the scene.


There's some video here. My favorite part is when a security guard, seeing the floor become overrun with fans, just continues walking around and clapping, celebrating the victory. There's also an interview with this guy identified as "Harp Daddy," which is the coolest name ever. If that's not his actual given name, then I hope he's a rapper who plays the harp.

Melee at High School Basketball Game []

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