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For many of you, the day after Thanksgiving requires you to put on your best Gap sport coat, head out to the local beef-and-beer drink your way through a high school reunion. Sometimes, the outcomes are disastrous. Heed these warnings


Back in 2008 during the Thanksgiving holiday a few of my high school friends and I decided to visit the local tavern for a couple drinks like most college age kids, since the group was back together for the weekend. We'd been doing this for the past few years checking out old classmates to see who got fat, who got hot and to try to run into some of the girls that got away. Well that year some of the kids from our old high school that I wasn't really friends with decided that it would be a good idea to have a charity bar crawl to honor one of their friends who died of cancer, how that exactly worked I have no idea. The bar was way overcrowded as there were probably around 200-250 people there just getting completely wasted, on a good day the bar can probably fit 100 people uncomfortably.
Everyone was having a good time, until about 1 am when one of the locals started getting into it with the owner of the bar, over what no one really knows. The two were about to come to blows when the owner storms over to his office and calls the cops. No one was really aware that he had called the cops at this time. All of a sudden, the local police offers storm into the bar pepper spraying and macing the entire group of people. It was the most insane thing I had ever seen. Police were shoving people out of the bar, and arrested one of the bar crawl members. Outside waiting for everyone were a ton of squad cars and police dogs. The crowd starting getting unruly and were screaming at the cops as they through the arrestee into the squad car. However, not one punch was thrown, if anything it was a bunch of college age kids upset that things had been blown so far out of proportion. More cops from the surrounding neighborhoods all came out with their own attack dogs to try to disperse the crowd. My friends and I just took off after that as it looked like pretty much everyone was going to get beaten, attacked by a dog or arrested. The next day the local paper had published a story about the event:

GRAYSLAKE — More than 200 people brawled in the street and inside the Last Chance Saloon after a patron questioned the bar's closing time early Saturday.


There were no injuries or damage at Last Chance, 125 Center St., but one person was arrested after police summoned help from 15 other departments.

"It was a brawl for it all," said police Cmdr. Matt McCutcheon. "There were about 100 people in the street fighting and another 140 inside fighting."

The crowd had been part of a pub crawl called the Turkey Trot, sponsored by local taverns in support of a cancer victim. An argument erupted at 1:30 a.m. between the the tavern manager and a patron.

"We just wanted to disperse the crowd and get everyone out of there and going home," McCutcheon said.


Kellan Sams, 23, of Grayslake was arrested and charged with two counts of assault, accused of threatening physical harm to two officers and resisting arrest, McCutcheon said.

The Lake County Sheriff's Office, Waukegan, Mundelein, Gurnee, Libertyville, Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Park, Round Lake, Lindenhurst, Fox Lake, Lake Villa, Antioch, Vernon Hills, Wauconda and Island Lake dispatched officers to the scene. Canine units were also used to disperse the crowd.


"We sure appreciated the help," McCutcheon said. "We had it wrapped up in about 20 minutes."

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With over 200 people brawling in the streets don't you think there would be more than one arrest? Anyway it was probably the funniest/craziest night ever in the small town of Grayslake, I'm glad I was there to witness it.

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