This year the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will once again wear the most garish and weird shade of salmon/orange, and Orlando Bloom will again intimidate opponents from their ridiculous helmets. Feel the magic!

If you like the complete organizational implosion of professional sports teams, you will love your 2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Nothing says "comeback year" like bringing back the uniforms you banned more than a dozen years ago because they represented 20 years of uninterrupted, embarrassing failure (and also because they were breathtakingly ugly)!

Ok, let's get to the gay jokes.

"People thought we were trying to lock our history away in a closet,'' said Bucs co-chairman Ed Glazer.


This year, Bucs history comes out of the closet! On November 8, at least. The rest of the year they will remain ashamed of their history. (But not too ashamed to sell "Florida Orange" throwback unis, obviously.)