Brennan Boesch Flings Bat In Stands On Consecutive Swings; Crowd Pissed

Brennan Boesch, now with the Angels' triple-A team, angered a lot of Fresno Grizzlies fans on the first base side last night. He let go of his bat on a swing, apparently injuring a girl. Then, on the very next pitch, he flung his bat again, and everybody decided he was doing this on purpose.


Boesch wasn't intentionally trying to hurt fans by throwing bats into the stands—that's an expensive tactic for a minor league team—but the crowd lustily booed him anyway. Sports fans don't need to be rationally pissed.

After that, Boesch basically had one goal: Don't fling another bat into the stands. He wisely chose to take the next pitch.

H/t to @alexjaech