This week, in Minnesota, Brett Favre is likely to break Dan Marino's record for most career touchdowns, notching 421. This will give him a one-touchdown lead and, of course, a one-Super Bowl lead. But we always forget: Favre is on the precipice of another record Sunday as well.

Yes, with two interceptions on Sunday, Favre will tie George Blanda's record for interceptions, at 277. (If you're scoring at home, Marino threw 252.) We can think, frankly, of no better way to commemorate Favre's legacy than him breaking the NFL record for touchdowns and interceptions in the same game. It's just the life of The Gunslinger Mentality.

All I Ask For Is Two Interceptions [Vikings Ragnarok]

(By the way, that photo is Favre on his draft day. Jorts!)