Reader Alex Quigley bumped into Captain Croc Shot this morning in a Westin Hotel. He files this exclusive report.

My name is Alex Quigley and I was staying at the Westin in Edina, MN on business. I walk to the elevator bank on the 7th floor around 7:30 AM Central and standing next to me is Brett Favre and 2 random business travelers. On the way down, I turn and say "Hey Brett, I'm a Niners fan and I'm curious to see if you're going to play on Sunday." He responds, "I hope so. I gotta pass a physical first." We land at the 1st floor and I walk towards the lobby and he walks towards the gym/ pool area.

Granted we can't believe what comes out of his mouth until he's at an official Vikings press conference, but I just thought it was interesting that I have more information than Rachel Nichols (who is going off a text from Ryan Longwell).

[I] didn't have time to snag a cell phone picture with him (elevator ride was only about 15 seconds). And to be honest, even though I hate his guts as a Niners fan, I was humbled to be in his presence (plus, he's pretty big in person). The Westin Edina is about 15 minutes from Eden Prairie and I heard from another business colleague who's been staying at the Westin for the past couple of years that Brett Favre has a condo on top of the hotel.


Take that, ESPN. And, no, Alex Quigley is not the Chicago-area radio host.