Brett Favre's Dong-Phone Number, Jenn Sterger Legal Updates, And Other Things Of Note

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It's been relatively quiet on the sexting front, but there's some movement afoot that suggests the end to this saga is just beyond the phallus-shaped horizon.


So here's the number: 601-291-6004.

It's disconnected, obviously, but it's basically the bloody glove in one of the allegations pertaining to Brett Favre's inappropriate sexting while he was a member of the New York Jets. I reached out to my old friend, Milton Ahlerich, NFL security gumshoe, to ask about their progress in the investigation and even offered this number up to them, but he was out of town. Instead, Joe Hummel substituted and brought his own cold, clinical style to his email response:


Chilly. They didn't want the number, either, it seems. They must be all set.

I also checked in with Jenn Sterger's lawyer, Joseph Conway to see if they've received any info from the NFL but Team Sterger hasn't heard back from Milt's crew either.

Here's what we do know: Sterger presented her evidence and story to NFL security officials last week. That included some additional material not seen on Deadspin, including more text messages. I know in one of the texts she received, Favre was urging Jenn to send him "the videos" of herself. Sterger didn't send any videos to him. So he may have mixed up her number with another girl not-named Deanna Favre who sent him some other kinky crap.

But until Conway and Sterger hear from the NFL, there will be no definitive answers to my next two questions to him:

1. Are you suing the Jets?

JC: "We'll explore all legal remedies at the appropriate time."

2. Are you suing me?

JC: "Again, as I said, we'll explore any and all legal remedies that may exist at the appropriate time."


Wait, what?

JC: "Not for nothing, but I'd feel a lot more comfortable discussing this issue with your attorney, if you have an attorney and they'd like to get in touch with me."


Fucking shit.

JC: "Well I am the legal representation for Miss Sterger and I don't think it's ethical to be discussing this with you. You understand, right?"


Yes. Fine. We'll talk soon about...something. I'll send your info along to Gaby.

I guess there's a possibility I could get sued for being an asshole, if that's a legal remedy worth exploring. We'll see.


Now, tomorrow: we're gonna throw another name out there who, according to sources, is "the spoke" in the Favre/massage therapist-sexting investigation. Many people are trying to track down this individual and I'll probably need your I-Team assistance to get some more information on her. So rest up.


Now we'll commence with our usual shade-drawing.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Let's go.