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Brett Myers and The Philadelphia Police Department Welcome you To Watch Monday Night Football With Them

So here's a fun photo taken in the early morning hours after the decisive game 5, when Phillies pitcher Brett Myers was stopped by Philly police officers after he attempted to cross over a blocked off portion of Broad Street. At first Myers was told he couldn't pass, but once several officers recognized him, they happily let him through. Myers rewarded their rule-bending with this photo. Luckily there wasn't anything else going on in the riotous city that night that would require any significant police presence! Oh, and the reason for Myers being out so late? He was hanging out at Pat Burrell's Center City pad and was headed out to make a beer run, according to one of the officers there. Wonder if he was packing? *************** Tonight: Yell about the Redskins and Steelers in this space here. The Skins are one point favorites on this election eve. Wager and vote with your head and not your heart though. Tomorrow: We have an interview with former linebacker and current McCain campaign brain enhancer, Bill Romanowski. Plus, this will be the last time that Will Leitch gets to talk about politics on this site for a very, very long time. ( I give him one week.) Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. SKEETS the vote.


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