Cinematic legend Brian Bosworth is credited with (probably) saving the life of an unknown man when he hopped off his motorcycle to administer CPR—right after saving the lives of dozens of high school students.

The Boz was at Putnam City West High School in Oklahoma on Friday, where he inspired and educated students with a speech about the dangers of drunk driving. After setting those kids damn straight he rode off into the sunset on his Harley, but as an employee of the school was driving home shortly after, she noticed Bosworth performing CPR on a fallen man in a parking lot. He continued to assist until an ambulance arrived. Oddly enough, no one knows who the man was, what was wrong with him, or if he's even okay. He's like a reverse Lone Ranger!

The next days, Bosworth showed up at Oklahoma's spring game where he played flag football with other Sooner heroes. Saving kids, saving strangers, saving tackles—he does it all! Yes, the speech was part of his community service for a drunk driving arrest last month, but I wasn't going to mention that. (Oops.)

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