Brian Burke Is Suing Internet Commenters

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Brian Burke's time as general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs came to an end when he was fired in early January. Almost immediately after, rumors began circulating that his personal life played a major role in Toronto's decision.


Specifically, it was rumored that Burke carried on a sexual relationship and fathered a child with Rogers Sportsnet reporter Hazel Mae. Burke has not only vehemently denied these rumors but this past Friday he filed a defamation suit in B.C. Supreme Court against 18 John Does.

In what is surely the silliest letter he has ever written, Burke's attorney Peter A. Gall wrote “Brian has decided that it is time to stop people who post comments on the Internet from thinking they can fabricate wild stories with impunity.”


But what of these scoundrels? How will Burke track them down? Does he have any leads?

The defendants, whose identities are currently unknown to Burke, are listed only by their online usernames: “NoFixedAddress”, “CamBarkerFan”, “Lavy16”, “mbskidmore”, “Tulowd”, “Loob”, “Naggah”, “mowerman”, “Aaronp18”, “Steve”, “KaBoomin8”, “THEzbrad”, “Slobberface”, “Poonerman”, “isolatedcircuit”, “Kanada Kev”, and “sir psycho sexy”.

Oh, Brian. Watch out for "Steve," he's a reckless one.

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