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Illustration for article titled Brian Giles Attorney Takes Ball Out During Trial Break And Has Chuck Knoblauch Sign It

Here's Brent Schrotenboer, who's making his career covering this trial like Star Jones did with O.J., writing in the San Diego Union-Tribune:

They showed [Chuck] Knoblauch in video testimony talking about all the jewelry he's given Olvera. But then during a break in the trial Tuesday, one of Giles' attorneys, Dan Gilleon, pulled out a baseball and asked Knoblauch to autograph it for him. Knoblauch, who attended Tuesday's closing arguments, said he found it strange.

"Obviously, we're fans," Scott [another one of Giles' attorneys] said.

"He was a great ball player," said Gilleon, who also had the ball signed by Giles.


Yes, this is a pro athlete's attorney, who insists on having Chuck Knoblauch, a witness, sign his baseball, because "he was a great ball player." You think Giles might be sweating out the verdict?

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