Here's Brent Schrotenboer, who's making his career covering this trial like Star Jones did with O.J., writing in the San Diego Union-Tribune:

They showed [Chuck] Knoblauch in video testimony talking about all the jewelry he's given Olvera. But then during a break in the trial Tuesday, one of Giles' attorneys, Dan Gilleon, pulled out a baseball and asked Knoblauch to autograph it for him. Knoblauch, who attended Tuesday's closing arguments, said he found it strange.

"Obviously, we're fans," Scott [another one of Giles' attorneys] said.

"He was a great ball player," said Gilleon, who also had the ball signed by Giles.

Yes, this is a pro athlete's attorney, who insists on having Chuck Knoblauch, a witness, sign his baseball, because "he was a great ball player." You think Giles might be sweating out the verdict?

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