As the Giants lined up for handshakes following last night's win over Los Angeles, former SF-closer-turned-Dodger Brian Wilson angrily confronted Giants president and CEO Larry Baer along the third-base line. Wilson was apparently pissed that the Giants hadn't get given him his 2012 World Series ring.

CSN Bay Area captured the video above, and a fan sent this photo to the Chronicle's Henry Schulman. No one's saying exactly what words were exchanged—"Just a conversation between me and him," is all Wilson would say—but the Giants were shocked that Wilson was so upset, and say they've tried multiple times to pass along his ring.

Giants spokesperson Staci Slaughter said Wilson was invited to the team-wide ring ceremony in April, but declined. Multiple attempts to arrange a meeting throughout the season were made, but she says Wilson never returned the team's calls.

Schulman reports that when the Giants tried to meet with Wilson on Tuesday, he said, "just put it in my locker." By Wednesday, he wanted the ring presented to him in an on-field ceremony.


After last night's confrontation, the Giants sent the ring over to the visitors' clubhouse, and told the attendants to just give Wilson the damn ring.