Bring Me All The Highest-Arcing Jump Shots In The Land

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Here are some very cool shots that happened Monday night. They all have in common that they were launched from far away. That’s cool, but what’s even cooler is their towering, ridiculous arcs. High-arcing shots are the best shots. The first one comes from D’Angelo Russell, against the Spurs. His jumper always has a satisfyingly high arc:


Pretty good. Tremendous hang-time. This next one is from young Trae Young, working against the Rockets, on another ridiculously deep three-pointer. The shot clock was winding down, and there was enough room to launch a shot, so long as it was angled more or less at the big dipper:

That sucker is in the air for a real long time! By my scientific analysis that ball appears to be roughly 200 feet in the air, and it appears to have orbited the earth. But the best of these came from the dreaded Kevin Durant, working against Michael Kidd-Gilchrist of the Hornets, in an eventual Warriors road win. Kidd-Gilchrist is a tough on-ball defender, and he made Durant work for it, but Durant is an absolute demon with the ball, especially for a man his size. MKG hounded him, but all that did was produce an even cooler, taller shot. And the sound of it!

A shot with a super high arc reaches a point in its trajectory where it seems stupid and impossible to even hope that it will find its way into the basket, out of all the places in the universe it might wind up. There’s so much space and air up there, and the ball is sailing on a ridiculous parabola through too much of it, and there’s just no way in hell it can possible fall through that little metal ring over there. No way! And then it does! Always extremely satisfying.

Here is a Chandler Parsons jump shot, also from Monday night, for comparison. Note the shitty flat trajectory. Stephen Strasburg’s curve has more arc on it than this piece of shit:


Jump shots should travel at least as high vertically as they do horizontally, in my extremely correct opinion. Goodnight.

Staff Writer, Deadspin