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British Open co-leader? Rocco F'in Mediate

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Fresh off his one-stroke 18 hole playoff loss to Tiger, the man, the myth, the legend, Rocco Mediate clocked in his first round at -1. So if you had a dream that man boobs were going to own the British Open and you rushed to Vegas to lay your money on Phil, you picked the wrong tits.

Only three players were able to break par. One guy who finished even? 53 year old Greg Norman. Norman last won a major in 1993. Of course he collapsed in the 1996 Masters and later threw a party where President Clinton tore his ACL, but other than that he's been out of the news. Also, Norman doesn't look 53. I'm pretty sure he could still kick most of our asses.

Like a guy not quite certain if he wants to be a part of the gangbang, Sergio Garcia is lurking at +2.


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