So which is more distasteful, sports fans?: Mocking plane crash victims, or wishing someone dead from a car wreck? Don't worry, it's British soccer. You can have both!

John Lawless, a lower league player from Merseyside in England, invented a unique way of taunting rival FC United of Manchester.

While taking a corner at the end of the ground in which most of the 2,122 spectators were gathered, Mr. Lawless was seen to wave his arms to make an airplane gesture in an apparent reference to the Munich air disaster of 1958. The crash killed eight players from Manchester United. Three Manchester United staff and eight journalists also died. Mr Lawless’s taunt led to uproar in the stadium and stewards had to prevent several fans from going onto the pitch.”


Lawless got a "police warning," whatever that means. Meanwhile, in Premier League play, Chelsea fans — there's a couple of them pictured above — showed their support for Manchester United star Ronaldo:

Ronaldo really enjoyed that one. He was abused during the game by Chelsea fans who sickeningly chanted "You should have died in the tunnel" — a reference to him writing off his $200,000 Ferrari on the way to training last week.

Oh, and John Lawless is a wanker, apparently.

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