NFL fans are already in midseason form, brawling it out in the stands

Why do people keep behaving like this? Well, alcohol

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Football season is back, so NFL fans are pumped and ready to rumble. We’ve already hit the point where people are so worked up over games that they’re ready to rein punches down on one another. A few spectators became participants during Saturday’s preseason game between the Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers. Seriously, we’re still doing this in 2023?


Several fans got involved in the action as those wearing the same red jerseys turned against each other. It used to be that folks who took part in this low-brow behavior waled on the opposing team’s fan base, but now, anyone is fair game, apparently. Talk about having no shame. Bang bang Niner gang means fellow fans can also get molly-whopped for talking recklessly.


It’s a shame that people can’t go to a game, cheer, boo, talk a little trash, and just enjoy themselves. There’s always one or two idiots that get too wasted and belligerent to the point where somebody makes it their duty to whoop that booty. Security can only do so much to break up a fight in a crowd of drunk people throwing wild punches.

The NFL isn’t going to do anything about it because they and their business partners that represent these alcohol companies want to buffoon’s drinking as much as possible. Roger Goodell and the NFL are about their money, and since many fans have no self-control, this is what we’re stuck with. They’ll never remove adult beverages from games. It doesn’t matter if a few idiots put everyone around them, including children, in danger with their actions under the influence. The league will continue collecting concession revenue, and that’s the bottom line.