Brother Of Former Mariner Greg Halman Will Not Face Jail Time For Greg's Murder Because Of Marijuana-Induced Psychosis

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Greg Halman didn't get much of a shot in the major leagues. The Dutch-born outfielder had 116 at-bats spread across a few call-ups in 2010 and 2011, hitting .207 with a pair of home runs. Then, in November, the 24-year-old Halman was stabbed to death in the Rotterdam apartment he shared with his younger brother Jason. Police said an argument over Greg playing music too loudly may have led to the murder.

Today, Jason is a free man. Court-ordered psychiatrists founded that he was having a psychotic attack when he killed his brother, one partially brought on by marijuana use. he prosecutors agreed with Jason's insanity defense, and he is to be released from prison later today. The Halmans' parents had argued for this all along. Said his lawyer, Fritz Huizenga:

"It is for the prosecutor an extraordinarily difficult position. He finds himself in the dilemma that there is a serious crime was committed, but that perpetrators and victims are on the same side. The family of Gregory, the victim, wants nothing more than Jason to be released, in order not to lose two sons. "


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