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Illustration for article titled Bruce Pearl Attempts To Use His Roguish, Swarthy Charm On Layla Kiffin

Bruce Pearl is tireless in his pursuit of younger, very attractive women. Even married mother of three, Layla Kiffin is not off-limits from his creepy advances.

The artist formerly known as C'la Travis writes that the excitable men's basketball coach was asked at a UT alumni reception how he's been getting along with UT football coach Lane Kiffin, who was also in attendance, and Pearl, god bless his horny little heart, had this to say:

"I'm trying to date his wife. But that's not working out too good."

Now, ordinarily, this type of off-handed remark might be taken as good-natured ribbing, but remember how annoyed Lane was when Layla was Google-searched en masse by professional internet masturbators soon after he was hired. Will Pearl get a complimentary Lane Kiffin Schnozz Smash for his comment? Can't say we'd blame Kiffin for that one. But they appear to be getting along swimmingly and apparently received a standing ovation at the event.


Another factoid: As a Florida Gator undergrad, Layla was a member of the notorious Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, which counts America's Sideline Princess Erin Andrews as one of its members.

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