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Bruce Pearl's Wife Rushes To His Defense With Ill-Advised Crucifixion Comparison

Bruce Pearl received an 8-game suspension for recruiting violations that he admitted to. To Brandy Pearl, that makes him just like Jesus.

Trust us, our bullshit detectors went off too. We've seen too many faked Tweets and Facebook messages in the world of college sports rivalries. Brandy Pearl's Facebook wall is scrubbed of the offending post, if it existed. Her profile picture is different as well.


But this seems legit. Kentucky Sports Radio first brought this to light, and they haven't steered us wrong yet. If we're getting duped, we're in the excellent company of John Clay. But what gives us the most confidence is a look through the Facebook profiles of the people that responded to Pearl's post. Their photos match, and they're all FB friends with Brandy Pearl.

Bruce Pearl's suspension begins with the slate of SEC games. So look for the Second Coming of Bruce some time in February.


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