Bruce Springsteen On Luis Suárez: "Biting Has No Place In Sports"

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TMZ ran into The Boss in New York on Tuesday and asked his opinion on Luis Suárez cannibalizing his fellow players. One might assume that Bruce Springsteen is, across the board, not in favor of biting in sports, even the ones he's not totally familiar with. He has been following the World Cup "a bit," he says, so he might have an opinion on Suarez biting a guy in the World Cup. As it turns out he does, but it depends on whether biting is against the rules or not. Bruce Springsteen, so practical and just, wants all the facts.


"What better person to ask about sports?" Huey Lewis? I don't know, man.

Anyway, TMZ asks Springsteen his thoughts on Luis "Sanchez" and biting. And a funny thing happens. Bruce Springsteen asks what the rules are regarding biting in the World Cup. And then a funnier thing happens. TMZ says there doesn't seem to be a rule.


Now, this is weird because biting is definitely not OK in the World Cup and basically everywhere else outside of eating and kinky stuff that I'm not really comfortable with. Jesus Christ, guys. "What are the rules about biting in the World Cup?" Bruce! What kind of hardscrabble sporting experiences did you endure if you have to wonder whether biting is allowed or not?

But The Boss finally works through it and proclaims biting unacceptable in all sports, including the World Cup. So there you have it: Bruce Springsteen is anti-biting.

Photo Credit: Getty Images