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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bruins Announcer Just Can't Control His Homerism

Evil laughter adds a wonderful bit of color: Jack Edwards, the Bruins announcer, serves up amusing play-by-play ad-libbing to his repertoire. You can just feel his laughter. [Puck Daddy]

Julian Tavarez sobers up, apologizes to the fat Nationals sleeping in his bed: "I want to apologize for the comments that I made. I didn't mean to make those comments. I want to apologize to my teammates, all the fans in Washington, my manager and the media. I wasn't serious. It was something I didn't think the media would write down. Things happen in life, and I can correct it. I won't let this happen again." [Nationals Enquirer]

John Calipari interested in Kentucky job?: ESPN sources say yes, but others are skeptical. [Midwest Sports Fans]

Bill Raftery never sleeps: It is amazing how many games this guy does. [Stiles Points]

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