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Bryce Harper Tebowing Feels Like The End Of Something

We declared Tebowing over on Friday, but it is somehow still limping along, enjoying the final tour before total meme death. Tebow himself got Tebowed over the weekend, and yesterday, The Chosen One gave it a turn.


Bryce Harper, who wants to have a lot in common with Tebow ("Love God, my family, and baseball!") made this his Twitter profile picture yesterday. I'm only just considering it now, but if someone had asked me to guess what might eventually be the second iteration of Harper's public Yankee fandom, I think I'd have gone with: a) taking a selfie in a club with Alex Rodriguez and then posting it on Twitter with the caption "u know how we do!" or b) engaging in a Tebow-inspired meme three days too late.

This, we hope, is the real end of Tebowing, and perhaps of something bigger than that. May we never speak of it again in this hour.

H/T Nats Enquirer, Via Nationals Inquisition.

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