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Bryce Harper Wasn't Playing Hard Last Night, He Was Playing Dumb

The fact that Bryce Harper ran face-first into a wall last night is not a laughing matter. It was a scary moment that Harper came away from with a seriously rung bell, a gash under his chin, and a jammed shoulder. We are not going to laugh at Bryce Harper's injury.


What we are going to laugh at is Bryce Harper seemingly trying to spin what happened last night into an example of how hard he plays the game:

Bryce, bro, get out of here with that. You didn't hit that wall last night because you were "playing the game hard," you hit it because you got confused about where you were on the field and failed to notice the big-ass wall that you were running toward. You weren't even close to catching that ball. In fact, you completely misplayed it. That's why you got so turned around and ended up with a face full of fence. Running around the outfield like someone who just finished playing three rounds of dizzy bat has nothing to do with how much you #RespectTheGame.

We don't doubt Bryce Harper's passion for the game of baseball. We also don't doubt that he needs to work on his spatial awareness.

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