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Bryson DeChambeau leads the field after shooting six under par in the opening round of The Masters. Despite this, he has as much reason as anybody to feel bitter about how the course treated him on Thursday.

We’ll start with DeChambeau’s approach shot on the 18th hole. From 196 yards out, he struck a perfect ball that landed on the green and could not have rolled any more directly toward the center of the cup:


As infuriating as a doink like that is any circumstance, it had to be doubly so for DeChambeau, who was probably still thinking about how close he came to getting a hole in one on the 16th hole:

DeChambeau was particularly bummed about that shot. After his round, he revealed to Golf Digest that he has never once in his entire life made a hole in one. Feel free to spend the next eight seconds feeling true pity for this man before remembering that he’s a young millionaire who is currently leading The Masters.

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