Bucks Coach Jason Kidd: We're Not Very Good Because Our Players Aren't 25 Yet

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To be honest, I don’t really know why the Milwaukee Bucks, who sit at seventh in the weak Eastern Conference with a mediocre 23-21 record after last night’s home loss to the Miami Heat, aren’t particularly good. I only know that, between Giannis Antetokounmpo, Eric Bledsoe, and a roster crammed with length, athleticism, and versatility, it sure as hell seems like they should be, and that they’re not.

Jason Kidd has a theory! Don’t look at me, my players are stupid children, is his theory.

“I think when you, you know, become 25 or, you know, in the 28 range, you tend to think about the game. We’re talking about kids, that are thinking about trying to put the ball in the basket. And uh, they all believe they can do it, and until we can think about being a team and making a play and being unselfish, you know, good things happen and we’ve seen it. ... And there’s no coaching, there’s nothing that you can do but go through it and learn. And we can keep telling them what’s coming, as a coach, and we can tell them what to do, but it’s a finally, the final, it’s up to them to make that decision.”


Ah, well then. Guess I’ll check back in a few years.