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Bucs vs. Giants, The Second Half!

It was either this, or a picture of four Tampa cheerleaders. I like to think I made the right decision (thanks to Getty Images for the choice though). Since we last saw each other at halftime things have taken an interesting turn. The Bucs botched the opening kickoff giving the Giants an incredible opportunity to capitalize, but like the Redskins things got dicey in the red zone. Eli picked up a crucial delay penalty and the third down play was thrown underneath and it never had a chance. The Giants settled for a field goal and we've arrived at the score of 17-7. The Giants had a chance to move the ball at the end of the first half and the blew a chance at a touchdown that could bury the opponent. Let's see what happens next, after the jump...


-Jeff Garcia had everything set up to capitalize on the Giants inability to put things away, but instead he threw a limp-wrist interception in the endzone. Nice job cockface.

-Tampa got the ball back and they still couldn't do anything with it. I'm starting to think that the NFC South isn't all that good a division.... checks Carolina's record ...yeah, it blows. Giants are back in control.

Fourth Quarter

-Ahmad Bradshaw is starting to find some running room of his own. I bet Terry is beginning to question whether or not he could have a distant black relative.


-TOUCHDOWN TOOMAH! These Giants are tough as nails!


New York 24 - 7 Tampa Bay

-I'm going to win another bet!!!

-And back comes El Jefe! TOUCHDOWN, ALEX SMITH! The vintage Jeff Garcia has arrived at the stadium, and not a minute too late, because the game's about to end.


New York Giants 24 - 14 Tampa Bay

-Bono can eat my ass.

-AND IT'S OVER! New York wins it and the Bucs have a quick trip back home to the golf course strip club. Three cheers for Eli Manning... if you're in to that sort of thing.

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