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Bucs vs. Giants! Yar, They Blow!

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It's that time again, and I'm positively pumped for this one! New York and Tampa are taking the field and the air is alive with excitement! Who am I kidding? I'm watching Pitt play Nova while taping the Wizards and the Sonics. Don't worry though, I've brought in a reinforcement television and I'll be keeping you up to date on all the action in case you're stuck at work, church, or some other unenviable commitment. Or perhaps you just love the companionship offered by a computer. You should stick around regardless, because I'll be providing occasional updates and commentary. Also, punch and pie...


First Quarter

-We have a kickoff, and here comes Eli Manning! Buckle up and wait to see if he confuses Ronde for Tiki. My boy Tanard Jackson is sitting back at safety just waiting to put a hurt on somebody.

-White people be puntin'

-Sam Young just hit his head on the rim while blocking a shot. Football things happened.

-TOUCHDOWN TAMPA BAY! Ernest Graham and Jeff Garcia did nice work on that drive and the ex-Gator capped it with a short touchdown run.

Tampa Bay 7 - 0 New York

Second Quarter

-After a couple of worthless possessions the ball is back to New York. These Giants have yet to do anything of note. Eli has two completions for nine yards and Brandon Jacobs is putting up -1.33333333333333 yards per carry.


-AWKWARD TOUCHDOWN PASS, ELI MANNING! Elisha actually put together a pretty nice, albeit short, drive with the help of Amani Toomer's three catches. Brandon Jacobs took a dump off pass the final handful of yards to even things up at a touchdown apiece.

Tampa Bay 7 - 7 New York

-Meanwhile Pitt and Nova are tangled up in a Big East classic, I'd tell you the score but it's in lo-def and I no see good.


-The Giants have the ball and they're marching it right back down the field on the Bucs defense. Steve Smith just broke out into the open secondary for 21 yards.

TOUCHDOWN, BRANDON JACOBS! These Giants are not to be trifled with. Manning has caught fire (9 of his last 10 have been completed) and Jacobs is starting to run through people, including the great Tanard Jackson (who is now injured).


New York 14 - 7 Tampa Bay

-Now the Bucs really need to answer with a drive to end the half.

-Ramon just lost his handle in the waning seconds and 16th ranked Villanova took out a suddenly ailing Pitt team 64-63. DeJuan Blair and Sam Young were awesome, but they really miss Fields and Cook. Yeah, this weekend isn't going so well for my teams. I'll stop now.


-Well so much for the Bucs answering, for this half at least. The Giants get the ball back with a bit of time and to burn should they choose to go for the deathblow.