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Bulldogs Undone By Stuffed Dog In Last-Second Loss To Other Bulldogs

Wednesday night the crummy Georgia Bulldogs did very well to come back against a Mississippi State team that led in the second half by as many as 17 points, at 44–27. From that point until the final second of regulation, the home team outscored the other Bulldogs 40-23, including a clutch three-pointer with ten seconds on the clock to tie the game.


The ending was already set up to be memorable, with Mississippi State bringing the ball up with a chance at a game-winner. Quinndary Weatherspoon drew the final shot, a jumper from near the top of the key, but he was fouled by Jordan Harris on the shot, and with just half a second left on the clock. Disaster! Except maybe not: Weatherspoon stepped to the line and bonked the first free throw off the front of the rim, providing a glimmer of hope for the underdog Bulldogs. That is, until the referees noticed an object hurtling onto the court during Weatherspoon’s miss:

The object was apparently a stuffed dog, thrown by a Georgia fan. 

The referees assessed Georgia a technical foul for the crowd’s rudeness, and Weatherspoon rattled in the go-ahead freebie after an apoplectic Tom Crean scolded the crowd for screwing up his team’s comeback:

After an intentional miss on the second free throw from the original foul, Georgia was unable to get a final shot off, and lost by a single point. Arena security reportedly had to escort the officials off the court. Presumably the interfering stuffed animal is now in prison, where it absolutely belongs.

Staff Writer, Deadspin