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Bullfight Goes Horribly Right, For Bull

Reader Dave sends along this picture of renowned matador Julio Aparicio. Yes, that bull's horn is doing exactly what it looks like it's doing.

Here's how Google translates the first paragraph of this story:

The Seville bullfighter Julio Aparicio, who came to cut two ears in the Plaza de Nimes France, has suffered this afternoon Sales a chilling gore when the first bull was fighting for your lot. Fuck you surprised half the task of crutch, when I went to test the bull by the horn left. After the first muletazo encountered with the hindquarters of the bull, has been dropped and when it was rising instinctively inferred the bull gored him in the chin that has passed through the mouth.


Untranslated: "Su pronóstico es muy grave."

Unbelievably, Aparicio wasn't killed, but he's in a Madrid hospital in critical condition. I'm going to go burn my mouth on some pizza and not complain about it.


Julio Aparicio sufre una cornada muy grave en Las Ventas [El Pais]


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