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Bush Thanks Gonzalez On Behalf Of Chokers Everywhere

Ever since Tony Gonzalez saved a choking man with the Heimlich maneuver earlier this month he's received praise fom all over, but hearing from President George W. Bush was probably an unexpected turn of events. The Chiefs tight end not only received a letter from the Commander In Chief, but also a previously unreported telephone call, the transcript of which follows after the jump.

Int. Chiefs training camp facility [cellphone rings] Tony: Hello? GWB: Hola senor Gonzalez, estoy el Presidente de los Estados Unidos, George W. Bush. Tony: Oh my god, Mr. President, what a tremendous honor it is to hear from you! GWB: Oh thank god, you speak English. Tony: Yes sir, actually I was born in Huntington Beach, California. GWB: Oh sure sure, don't worry about that now. I just wanted to call and personally follow up on the letter you received. Tony: Yes sir, I appreciated that very much. I've actually been quite overwhelmed by the attention this has received. GWB: Well as you know, food related choking is something I take very seriously. Unfortunately I didn't have a hero in the room, and I wound up with that wicked face bruise. I was so impressed by your actions that I'd like you to be my guest at a special White House honoring choke survivors. We'll be serving soup. Tony: Wow Mr. Bush, I'd be honored to attend. GWB: Good to hear, Antonio, and don't worry about anything, we'll be taking care of your immigration situation. Tony: As I said, Mr. Pres- [line is cut]


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