But God Doesn't Want To Compete For A Starting Job Either

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Here's a photo taken in front of the Waupun Assembly of God somewhere in Wisconsinland, where even those who are most likely to forgive, will never forget. I can never figure out who's supposed to be talking on these church billboards: is it God or the parish? Because if God is pissed at Brett Favre, well, it's going to be a long season for New York. This will be the second time Favre's slighted God in the last three weeks. Remember, the floppy-haired Midwesterner reported that Long Island paper Newsday devoted seventeen pages to Favre on his first day as a Jet. The Pope got a measly twelve when he came prancing through town. Somebody's about to get smited. Smitten? Smoted. Smoten? That. Enjoy tonight, come back tomorrow. Thank you for your continued support of ESPN. Deadspin. The Waupun Assembly of God is still holding on to the pain of Favre's departure [OnMilwaukee]