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But Who Will Exchange Witty Banter With Jim Belushi?

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You may have seen the last of Joe "Norman Einstein" Theismann in the Monday Night Football booth. Pro Football Talk is reporting that Theismann is out, and will be replaced by the great Ron Jaworski.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that ESPN is yanking analyst Joe Theismann from Monday Night Football. Earlier this year, the network said that the lineup for the weekly NFL broadcast would return unchanged in 2007.

Per the source, the likely replacement for Theismann is Ron Jaworski, who performed well (despite wearing ladies' glasses) during the back half of a season-opening Monday night doubleheader and who currently is handling booth duties for the ESPN/ABC coverage of the Arena Football League.

I'm not upset if it's true that Joe Theismann's no longer a part of the Monday Night Football booth, and if it's true that Jaws is in, that's good news too. But the problem in the booth was not Joe Theismann. The problem was named Kornheiser, and trying to fix the MNF broadcast team by cutting Theismann is like trying to fix the Dallas Cowboys chemistry problems by cutting Terry Glenn.

And when you want to real scoop on ESPN's NFL broadcast plans, you know where to go: Detroit Tigers pitchers. Nate Robertson talked to Parcells, and says that Parcells told him he was offered, but turned down, the Monday Night gig.


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