He Sold Me: How would you like to own an XFL championship ring? Forget it. Your money is not extreme enough. [Total Pro Sports]

I bet Patrick Chewing gets more: There is actually a prop bet on how much facetime Rollie Massimino will get at the Final Four this weekend. [The Big Picture]


How? Grow weed in the outfield?: The Giants are trying to makePacBell SBC AT&T Park more eco-friendly. Fuckin' hippies. [San Francisco Giants Examiner]

Bryant is cool with it though: Greg Gumbel will sue your ass if you try to make him recorded something for your lousy infomercial. [Online Sports Guys]

If only Grant Hill were alive to see this: You know your season has turned out the way you hoped when Grant Hill is the healthiest person on your team. [Josh Q Public]