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Butler's Bulldog Mascot Dies, Then Tweets From Heaven

We've been aware of Butler mascot Blue II's health problems for some time now, and last night the nine-year-old bulldog finally succumbed to congestive heart failure. As if the thought of an adorable dog dying wasn't enough to bum you out, Blue II "penned" a first person blog post shortly before his death. It's titled "I Leave You With Thanks" and reads in part:

True to the prognosis I’ve recently been given, my health is now in serious decline. I sense the end is near as my heart rate is increasing in an effort to capture more precious oxygen. Frankly, it’s hard work and quite exhausting. I wish I felt better, but I’ve known for a while that my best days were behind me.

So while I still have a little stamina left, I thought I would pen one last blog post for Pops to post after I’m gone. I know it’s morbid and sad, but given my hospitalization and near death experience just a few weeks ago, I’m lucky to still be around to do this.


Buh. Goddammit that is sad. But don't worry, it gets sadder! Here's a tweet Blue II sent last night, FROM HEAVEN:

Blue II will be replaced by Blue III, who also has a Twitter account with which to make us all sad:


This is a fucked up game you're playing, Butler athletics department intern who is in charge of maintaining the mascot Twitter accounts. A real fucked up game.

Oh yeah, and be sure to watch the video at the top of the page if you want to cry a bunch.


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