One of the most fascinating transformations that may have taken place since the Costas Now eruption is the progresive softening of one Buzz Bissinger. It seemed for a while that Buzz was actually determined to make his hatred of sports blogs an inextricable part of his writing legacy. For every interview request about that fateful evening Will politely, respectfully declined in a fruitless effort to keep the pissing match from reaching an even broader critical mass, Buzz agreed to about 17. They were always the same. He would first apologize to Will and for his behavior but then regurgitate a much more composed, semi-articulate (but still strident) attack on the vile, irresponsible culture of blogs. Buzz turned into Bill Donohue, and sports blogs were his own personal Piss Christ. Since that time, though, Buzz has settled down, even shown a sense of humor about the incident and made at least modest attempt to accept the things he cannot change. Now, in an interview with OnTheDL, it almost sounds like Buzz just wants to rewrite history, going as far to even sound somewhat honored to be inducted into the Deadspin Hall of Fame. It's amazing what thousands of angry avatars calling somebody a frog-face can do to a man's spirit. ***** Tonight, party like it's Monday, because it still feels like one. Tomorrow, it's hump day already, so get your humpin' pants ironed. And, of course, thank you for your continued support of DeadSkeets. Buzz Bissinger Interview [OnTheDL]