OK, what does this picture say to you, other than "They should really think about having those big whiteheads removed, or popped, or something?" Does this look like some debacherous, out-of-control, dangerous exercise? A way to maliciously prey on unsuspecting freshmen who don't understand the horrors of their surroundings?

Or, you know, a bunch of college kids drinking?

This photo, along with some others of a shirtless guy dancing around in a cowboy hat, are the reason Manhattan College is cancelling most of its non-conference women's lacrosse games and forcing its players to do community service. We know this is kind of how Bob Reno over at BadJocks makes his living, but in all seriousness: It's probably time for people to chill out on this "hazing" business.

We mean, look at, say, these pictures from SUNY Cortland's lacrosse team, which led to the team receiving an unnamed punishment and having games cancelled. We ask in all seriousness: What the hell is wrong with what they're doing? OK, maybe there's a couple people under the age of 21; the scandal!

We understand that, unchecked, some sports hazing rituals can become degrading or even violent. But come on: We guarantee that every single one of you did things far, far worse than what is seen in these pictures in college; we know we did. If you go searching for incriminating pictures of minor college athletes on Webshots, you're going to find something; they're college students. Some guy types in "initiation" and "lacrosse" into his search engine, and suddenly everybody's names are all over the place, and seasons are ruined.


But, most important: Please, college students of America ... stop putting your drunk pictures on the Internet. We can't emphasize this enough. You're only asking for trouble.

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