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Bynum Pulls Out of the G-Spot Too Fast

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Will Bynum, formerly of Georgia Tech and Arizona fame, was arrested sometime yesterday in Tel Aviv, Israel (I don't do time zones) after a fight at a club turned into a hit-and-run. via

Maccabi Tel Aviv center Will Bynum was arrested yesterday morning on suspicion of running over a young man outside a south Tel Aviv nightclub and of fleeing the scene of the accident. The alleged victim, a 22-year-old man from Dimona, was in a serious but stable condition last night at Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital.


Continue after the jump for all of details that led up to the incident, obviously there's a claim that a woman was involved...

Police believe that Bynum arrived at the G-Spot nightclub just before midnight on Friday to celebrate his 25th birthday. He was accompanied by his brother and was joined by a few friends, including his Maccabi Tel Aviv teammate and former Philadelphia 76ers star Vonteego Cummings. Police say there were also players from other teams at the nightclub, which is popular with professional athletes.

"During the course of the night," the officer in charge of the investigation, Rafi Regev, said, "some sort of spat developed between Bynum and another group at the nightclub - members of the Hebrew Israelite Community in Dimona.

Bynum rejected the youths' claim that the argument began when he made advances toward a woman from the Dimona group. Bynum said he was provoked into a scuffle when one of the group pushed him over. The scuffle quickly died down and the club's security staff were not called in. When Bynum, his brother and Cummings left the club at around 5:30, however, he was greeted outside by five youths from Dimona, and within minutes fists and stones were flying. According to eyewitnesses, Bynum and his brother ran to his car, which was parked nearby, got in and drove toward the group. After hitting one member of the group, Bynum sped off.

That's some crazy shit right there. First of all, I should say that I'm a huge homer for Will Bynum and Vonteego Cummings. I loved Bynum at Arizona and he was a part of one of my favorite college backcourts with Jarrett Jack at Georgia Tech. As for Vonteego, not that many Pitt players have seen the inside of NBA locker rooms, so there's that. All of that being said, this sucks, and I hope for the best for all parties involved.

...hehe, G-Spot

Maccabi TA star Will Bynum arrested in alleged hit-and-run