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Byron Scott Is Still Being Stupid About D'Angelo Russell

As a basketball fan, one of life’s simplest pleasures is waking up each day and knowing there is a good chance that Lakers head coach Byron Scott is going to do or say something that is hilariously dumb. Last night, he did not disappoint.

The Lakers got smoked by the Warriors, losing the game 111-77. Getting blown out by the historically great Warriors is no great shame, but it’s hard to understand why Scott once again kept his rookie point guard, D’Angelo Russell, nailed to the bench for the entire fourth quarter. After the game, Scott explained his decision:

We’ve been over this before, but you almost have to appreciate the unvarnished nonsense in Scott’s answer. “There’s really no reason to.” Okay.


The Lakers are as bad as any team not named the 76ers, and will only get better if their young players, the No. 2 overall pick in the draft chief among them, get the minutes they need in order to get better. The fourth quarter of a blowout is precisely the time when Russell should be playing. Byron Scott is a treasure.

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