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Byron Scott Wants Kobe To Shoot More. No, Really.

Since Kobe Bryant came back from a week of DNP - Old, the Lakers have gone 1-2, with a win over the Nuggets featuring an old-man triple-double from Kobe, and a close loss to the Grizzlies, a much better team than the Lakers. By any measure, this represents drastic if short-term improvement. Naturally, Byron Scott isn't happy.

Here's the Lakers coach yesterday on

"It's been interesting," Scott said after practice Saturday. "He's really trying to keep his [shot attempt] numbers down to the 14, 15, 16 area, and I want him up in the 18, 19 area, but I can't argue with the results. He's getting everyone involved. He's rebounding the ball and had 8, 9, 11 assists in the last couple of games. I can't argue with the results and he's still being aggressive as far as looking for his shots but he's still being aggressive as far as looking for his teammates. I would like his shots to be up more up, but I can't argue with the way he's playing."


Since he's back, Kobe's taken 10, 11, and 14 field goal attempts, though in the Nuggets game he added 11 free throw attempts. Before he took his rest, Kobe was averaging 22 FGA per game, which is insane. But even that 18 or 19 figure is crazy. Steph Curry averages 16.5 FGA per game; LeBron averages 18.1; Carmelo, 19.9. Kobe is 36 years old! Kobe is shooting 37.7 percent, and 29.1 percent from three, on 48.1% True Shooting, which I shit you not is currently tied for 51st-worst in the league with Tayshaun Prince and Reggie fucking Evans. This is madness.


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