BYU's Top Rusher Withdraws, Possibly Due To Premarital Sex With Girlfriend

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Harvey Unga, BYU's leading rusher, is withdrawing from school. So is his girlfriend, basketball player Keilani Moeaki. They're leaving because of a violation of BYU's notoriously strict honor code. Let's speculate!

Not many details in the BYU press release. Unga, who opted to forgo the NFL draft to return for his senior season, and Moeaki "made the decision to withdraw as a result of a violation of the BYU honor code." No one's spilling the dirt, but their respective coaches seem concerned about their personal issues:

I fully support Harvey and his decision regarding his personal situation," BYU football coach Bronco Mendenhall said. "The possibility of not having Harvey on the field in the fall would certainly have an impact on our team, but my main concern right now is in supporting Harvey."

"Keilani has been a valuable contributor to our team the past three years," BYU women's basketball coach Jeff Judkins said. "She has my support while she takes time to address some important personal matters."


That honor code is rough, so let's admit it could be just about anything. Maybe they were caught sharing a soda (no caffeine). Maybe they bought matching tank tops (no sleveless shirts). Maybe they failed to get the endorsement of a bishop that's required to continue at BYU (seriously).

But when the two of them withdraw at the same time, we've got to assume it was something carnal. Sex out of wedlock is a huge no-no, but that's something private. How would they even get caught?


Perhaps they were doing it in public. Unlikely. Perhaps he was bragging about landing Keilani Moeaki. Very likely, judging from her photo.

Or perhaps someone is with child. (We've heard from multiple BYU sources who confirm that this is the most prevalent rumor on campus.)


Hey, we're not saying that's what happened. Like we said, we're just speculating. But if you go to BYU, and you've heard any dirt, please do send it our way. I checked; there's no mention of Deadspin in the honor code.

Unga, Moeaki to Withdraw from School []