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Caleb Campbell Gives Bobsledding A Shot

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Remember Caleb Campbell—the former Army Cadet who was drafted by, but not allowed to play for, the Detroit Lions? Boy, did that guy dodge a bullet! Okay, maybe that was a bad metaphor.

Anyway, we were all kind of grumpy that the Army went back on their promise to let Campbell take a shot at the NFL, but on the flip side, he was spared a season on the worst team in NFL history. He is still not being allowed to pursue his football dream, but the Army is allowing him the chance to join an outfit with an equally impressive record of futility—the U.S. Olympic bobsled team.


Caleb has been training at Lake Placid to be the brakeman on the four-man squad, a spot once held by such illustrious NFL heroes as Herschel Walker and Willie Gault. So why can he be an Olympian, but not a Lion? Who knows? Why does the Army do any of the things that it does? With two medals since 1956, our armed forces are still training this guy to be perpetually disappointed by his teammates. Wait ... is that why he needs to be an Army of One?

Caleb Campbell: Army Soldier, NFL Draftee ... Olympic Bobsledder? [Clay Travis/Fanhouse]

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