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Call Trent Dilfer And He'll Teach You All About Football

From reader Neil comes this latest (and weirdest) effort from Dilfer, Inc. In much the same way your neighbor with the ponytail advertises his guitar lessons, Trent Dilfer has apparently plastered a few of these bad boys around Manhattan in the hopes that you'll call him to learn the finer points of football.

If you call 844-TDI-LFER you'll hear a pre-recorded message that unlocks the secret to football. How many teams? Two. How many players? 11 on each team. Is a ball used and if so, what shape? Yes, it is oval and sometimes called a "football." These are just a few of the things Trent Dilfer will tell you if you call.


Update: It's an ad for ESPN, because of course.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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