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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Cam Newton Says Some Things To Colin Kaepernick

Simply by virtue of being a famous and talented black quarterback, Cam Newton was always going to get questions about Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem. Perhaps sensing that those questions aren’t going away anytime soon, Newton today released a statement of sorts on his Instagram page.


Newton’s message is annoyingly written in a terrible, unintelligible font, but here it is translated into plain text:

Salute my brother for making a stand for injustice in this country but.... the real problem is and will always be the people and how we treat one another! I see a lot of memes and even articles about Cam vs. Kap, are they OK? But the truth is we are good and will always be good... we all are different have the right to feel anyway we want to... and I salute him for standing (in this case kneeling) for something to if not fix the issues, raise awareness of the issues. I’m an African American that’s black and proud to the day I die and I try to make an impact in my community as much as I can. How are you making a difference? But it all goes for nothing if we all don’t police ourselves and love one another no matter what the race is! We all have to do better and be held accountable for our actions (police included)... I’m not here to talk about race, I’m here to talk about what’s right!!! And we all have to do what’s right no matter the race, age, or gender!

This is the kind of statement a famous person releases when they want to anger as few people as possible. Looks like those alleged PR coaching sessions with political huckster Frank Luntz are starting to pay off.