Cam Newton Sits Down While Trying To Leave The Field After Getting Sacked

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Panthers QB Cam Newton took a head-on collision from David Onyemata while trying to avoid a sack in the fourth quarter of his game against the Saints. The hit looked painful on its own, but what’s especially concerning is what happened after. Newton initially tried to leave the field, but couldn’t make it all the way to the sideline. Instead, he sat down and got looked at by the trainers on the field before eventually walking off.

Derek Anderson came in for a third-down play, and the Panthers punted after that. According to the Fox broadcast, Cam had trouble with the dark shield on his helmet getting pushed into his eye. The Panthers say that he was already evaluated for a concussion and cleared.


The NFL’s concussion protocol says that “a player who exhibits gross motor instability or significant loss of balance must be taken to the locker room for evaluation if it is not diagnosed as an orthopedic injury.” Newton was taken to the medical tent on the sideline, but didn’t leave the bench area.