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Jesus H. Christ on burnt toast, what the hell is this?

Athletes are all the time praying, crossing themselves, kneeling in thanks. But does God really care who prevails on the playing field? Ordinarily, we'd say no. Then again, how to explain QB Tim Tebow, who wears his devout Christianity on his sleeve and who led the Denver Broncos to yet another improbable comeback win Sunday?


That's from the Facebook feed of the Associated Freaking Press.

"How to explain QB Tim Tebow"? QB Tim Tebow went 10-of-15 with two touchdowns and one pretty little flick with a minute or so left that nearly gave him a third score. He threw for 202 yards in all. That's how to explain QB Tim Tebow. He was really good in prosaic, perfectly explicable ways.


(And what's with the weird diction? "All the time praying"? Are we outsourcing our stupid to the Carpathians now?)

I've said all along that the backlash against Tebow is really a backlash against the way Tebow gets covered in the media. This smarmy little paragraph is as good an example as you'll find. I mean, who needs St. Thomas Aquinas when you have the Broncos' five-game winning streak, right?

[Facebook, H/T Katz]

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