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Can You Even Call It A "Red Carpet" If It's Just For The ESPYs?

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See these poor souls? They're the sad sacks who ended up sitting in the heat during the ESPYs Red Carpet Show, which, if you're extremely lonely and sad, you'll be watching this Sunday night. We can't imagine what would be worse than having to sweat and watch Stuart Scott refer to the night "of phat entertainment." That's one term; we can think of a few more.

Anyway, blogger Farther Off The Wall has the full scoop of the red carpet, with everyone smiling and trying to pretend this is not a thoroughly depressing enterprise. The highlights include Pat O'Brien leering at Danica Patrick — honestly, a world where Mike Cooper is jail and this guy is free to roam the streets is a deeply unjust one — Matt Leinart hanging out with that weird Schwab guy and, our favorite, a random appearance by a sadly non-mulleted Doug Flutie.


Also, enjoy one of the more terrifying Berman photos we've seen in a while. And we apologize: We have already devoted more to this that we ever should have.

To ESPY Or Not To ESPY [Farther Off The Wall]

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