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Can You Guess What This "Nondescript Warehouse Sandwiched Between A Strip Mall And A Trailer Park" Has To Do With Olympic Athletes?

If you guessed that it was a training center for top-notch American table tennis players, then you are correct and congratulations for not thinking "drugs." The New York Times reported that this warehouse—the India Community Center Table Tennis Center—is a hotspot for Olympic talent and has trained three out of the four athletes that will represent the United States in table tennis at the London Olympics. The chosen three have apparently been playing table tennis with their families from a very young age. Timothy Wang, the oldest player (at 20 years old) and only male representative for the United States, said that his parents even "propped him up on a cardboard box and placed him at one end of the table, while a machine spat out balls from the other end" at the tender age of 4.

The Center was started by Indian immigrants and imports its coaches from all over the world. Most of their young trainees have their sights set on future Olympics. What's their secret for producing top-notch athletes, though? This answer is once again not "drugs." Take a look at their intense training regimen: [NY Times, video via India Community Center]

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