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Can You Guess Which Country Americans Picked To Win The World Cup?

In a World Cup poll, Americans picked their own country to win it all, because of course they did.

The poll, conducted by YouGov and published on the Upshot, used nearly 20,000 online interviews from 19 countries. Out of the results, the main takeaways are that Brazil is the favorite; Spain and Brazil play the most beautiful soccer; and many people hate Argentina, Iran, and the United States.


The majority for the U.S. World Cup favorite pick isn't that large—only 14%—but it's still funny. Hey, Argentinians, Brazilians, and Spainards picked their own countries to win. Maybe the USMNT just needs that same mentality. To hell with being honest.

Even more amusing than that confidence, though, is the fact that 5% of American respondents are rooting against their own country. We are full of conflict.


×If the "most beautiful soccer" poll didn't exclude answering with your own team, Americans probably would have picked the USMNT for that, too.

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