Canada Blaming Canada For Shaming Canada

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Our usually easygoing neighbors to the north are up in arms about Canada's junior hockey team suiting up in green jerseys. I'd make a joke about this move being made for the green, if Canada didn't use crazy monopoly money.

Hockey Canada announced yesterday that the team will wear the green jerseys at next year's world championships as a tribute to the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders, which would be akin to the USA's squad wearing purple in honor of the AFL's Milwaukee Mustangs.


Specious justifications aside, you might have noticed that green isn't one of the colors on Canada's flag. This has a few people upset.

"Pretty much the stupidest idea ever. So the crowd will be in red and white but the team will be green?"

"Great idea: use Canada's junior hockey team to honour a football team with 23 Americans on its active roster.
That'll be sure to capture the spirit of Canadian hockey."

"Why didn't anybody tell me the Toronto St. Patricks were making a comeback?"

"Well the other colour is yellow and they couldn't go with that as it conotates cowardice."

"If we make the gold medal game whoever we play will respect us about as much as dirt. In our red and white thats a simbole of power and superiority we might win because our opponents will be rolling around on the ice laughing"


It's breaking down to the point where commenters are trashing the newspaper's site for flagging "colour" as a misspelling. There's some serious Canadian pride on display this weekend, so avoid your local Tim Horton's and TD Banks should riots break out.

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