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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Patrice Cormier, Canada's world junior team captain, was ejected from a minor league game yesterday after sending another player into convulsions with a nasty hit to the head. Let me emphasize the "convulsions" part before you click on the video.

Cormier, who plays in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, had just made a line change during overtime against the Quebec Ramparts, when he skated past defenseman Mikael Tam and clipped him in the head with a high elbow. Tam went down like a rock and was convulsing on the ice before being hurried off on a stretcher. He's in the hospital with some missing teeth and, oh yeah, "trauma to the skull and brain." Jeebus.


This isn't Cormier's first incident with restless elbow syndrome. Last month he broke the nose of Sweden's Anton Rodin during an exhibition game, on a play for which no penalty was called. The league is "reviewing" this latest hit, Tam is in stable condition, and at least one hockey commentator is questioning his faith in the game. When even Patrick Roy is calling the cops on you, you know you've crossed the line.

Cormier ejected from QMJHL game after head shot on opponent [TSN]

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